Re-Engineering Growth


Apex Tech Ventures develops valuable assets and growth strategies within emerging technology companies to secure the capital invested by our funding partners and the future success of the companies. Rather than passively investing, we add value by building your IP assets and handling corporate legal issues, which ensures better returns for all involved.  Think of us as a venture capital liaison that handles all your legal needs. 

This new hybrid concept has proven itself over our first two years of business, as we have successfully facilitated financing rounds and mergers for multiple tech startup  through building sophisticated IP portfolios and advantageous deal structuring.  We do so with flexible arrangements in which we share in the success of the venture, allowing us to defer up-front costs and giving our partners the advantage of uncompromised legal strategy and execution that their competitors cannot match.  

This maximizes opportunity for your business, driving investors to you and helping create natural exits down the road that are in everyone's best interest.